Bed Bubble Folding Privacy Tent

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  • Privacy shouldn’t come at a premium. The Bed Bubble is a simple and easy bed canopy that’s portable and practical. No tools, no velvet ropes, just personal space in a pinch!
  • The Bed Bubble installs in minutes! Just pull it from the included carry case, give it a flick, and watch it expand. Insert the tent poles, slide in your mattress, and you’re ready to rock! …to sleep.
  • Four walls – four windows! Each window panel is double-zippered to let in as much or as little of the world outside as you want. Great for running laptop wires or bed lamps, too.
  • THIS is your safe space! Great for shared bedrooms, dorm rooms, sleepovers, playrooms, community projects, and more! Share your space, not your solitude.
  • Blue Bed Bubble fits Twin-size mattresses: 78½ x 39½ x 47½ in. Folds flat into 26in round carry case. 5½ lbs.


Privacy Is In-Tents
Maybe having a tent around your bed seems like a crazy idea, but really it’s a practical concept that’s been around since the days of kings and kingdoms. Bed curtains and canopies are still available today and were used in medieval times for lords and nobility to seal in warmth and seal out the prying eyes of their attendants, but they’re also expensive and showy. You’re not about extravagance, are you? You’re about privacy! The Bed Bubble does just that with no frills – just simplicity and comfort.

All Bubble – No Trouble
The Bed Bubble creates a room inside a room quickly and easily for temporary or permanent privacy solutions. Simple as that. Each Bed Bubble comes folded inside a compact carry case and deploys almost like a parachute. Just pull the Bed Bubble out of its case, give it a quick shake and stand back as it springs into shape in seconds! Insert the four tent poles to hold the Bed Bubble rigid, and then you can either slide the bubble between your mattress and your bed frame for optimal comfort, or you can just throw it on top of the mattress for near-instant privacy if you’re feeling lazy.

Fortress of Solitude
Hiding from nosy parents or siblings? Hide in the Bed Bubble! Need a break from annoying roommates? Take a minute in the Bed Bubble! Sleepovers causing a social overload? Ditch anxiety in a Bed Bubble! This is your space for sleeping, dreaming, reading, thinking, gaming, working, or just taking time to be yourself – by yourself! Zippered windows on all sides let as much or as little of the outside world into yours whenever you choose, and let laptop wires or reading lights through for engaging in personal time without engaging outsiders. This is your safe space – your fortress!

Each Bed Bubble conforms to CPAI-84 flame resistance and ASTM F963 safety standards with intelligent design that ensures a stable and durable canopy.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 26.78 × 26.78 × 3.15 in

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