Folding Bed Storage Cover with Zipper, Fits 31 Inch Bed

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– Keeps dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne pollutants off your fresh, clean bed.
– Just slip it over your folded bed.
– Intended for ‘single’ or cot sized folding beds – 31″ with a snug fit for a compact and sleek look. Please note that the fit will vary depending on the size of your folding bed. Typically, the cover will fit well over poly-deck (trampoline based) folding beds, and not over wooden-slat folding beds of the same size.


So you’ve bought a Milliard Folding Bed, and you’ve got it waiting in storage for when guests stay for the night, but it’s getting dusty in the meantime. What do you do? You could keep dusting it and hope it’s not too dirty when it’s needed, or you could get it a Milliard Folding Bed Storage Cover to keep it neat and tidy. The dust cover works like a garment bag would for your favorite suits or dresses, but this cover fits your bed. If you don’t have a Milliard Folding Bed, you should try one, but the folding bed cover will also fit other folding beds that match the listed size. The Folding Bed Storage Cover has been carefully manufactured by Millard with your comfort and utility in mind and should provide years of satisfaction with proper use.

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