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– Follows the natural curves of your body for maximum comfort and support
– Less tossing and turning
– Conduct heat away from the body for reduced temperature and prevent heat buildup
– Hypoallergenic – Perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers
– Foam is CertiPUR-US® Certified; safe and non-toxic
– Measures: 73″ x 52″ x 2″
– 1″ shorter on each side to allow for use with fitted sheets


This topper combines the cooling properties of gel with the luxurious comfort of memory foam. We’ve perforated our topper with specifically patterned aeration channels to circulate cool air around you and we’ve also infused the memory foam with endothermic cooling gel to conduct excess heat away from your body so you won’t overheat easily. 

CertiPUR-US® Certified

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Weight 23 lbs




5 reviews for Memory Foam Cooling Gel Topper – Full

  1. sunshine1221

    I have a memory foam pillow and i was in really desperately need to try a memory foam mattress specially since I can’t afford a memory foam mattress .

  2. Michelle F

    Millards again with a quality product. This foam mattress is awesome, it has all the components I was looking for in a mattress pad. It is thick providing an older mattress newborn comfort.. There is a gel mixed into the foam that DOES keep you cool since most mattress covers tend to hold heat! The memory foam hugs your body and gives you a heavenly nights sleep. It also fit my current king mattress perfectly leaving just enough space so my putting on my sheets was not a problem! It comes in I really like the overall comfort and quality all wrapped up in one item. It arrives rolled up and air sealed so give it a day to reshape itself to get its true potential. LOVE IT! 5 star item 😉

  3. E H

    Exactly what I wanted/needed…so far so good! :))

  4. JeriAZcardFAN711

    I got this for my elderly mom, she is 80 and often doesn’t sleep well at night. I thought this might bring about some comfort for her as she is aging and more fragile at her age. I took this to her house and set it up on her bed and she told me she thought it was Christmas, it was such a wonderful gift.

  5. Jeanette McD

    The Milliard Cooling Gel Topper is a 2” memory foam infused with gel which makes the mattress topper cooler to the touch. I like many others that suffer from menopause frequently wake with night sweats and overheating at night. This is a 3lb density foam, the actually weight is about 20 pounds to carry. I like that it is cut about 1” shorter all around to help fit with the sheets. It only took a couple hours for it to fully fluff to regular size. There is a new foam order that wasn’t too powerful. I sprayed it gently with my freshener spray of purification and thieves’ essential oils to quickly get rid of the smell. I am highly sensitive to smells so I wanted to make sure it was gone before bedtime. This is really comfortable to sleep on. While I do have a Verlo mattress that is similar to the temperpedic, it still gets hot at night. This helped keep me cool and night and I now sleep like a baby.